PROSPERITYgroup is a private firm registered with AISA and other relevant Ministries which is established to play its key role in different sectors like construction, logistics and consultancy, capacity building audit services in addition to Modern Irrigation, Renewable energy-Solar products and protected agriculture-green houses in Afghanistan. Having both national and international staff members with more than 25 years’ experience and would like to grow its business in existing and new international markets with a highly motivated, dedicated, committed, honest and hardworking team who have been actively involved working and functional offices in five regions (Kabul, Nangarhar, Herat, Mazar, Baghlan) and has the capacity to work in 34 provinces in Afghanistan.
PROSPERITYgroup consider every aspects of value chain which improve food security and reduce poverty with the help of our national and international expatriates. We provide improve seed to the customer, analysis water and soil of the farmers field and recommend varieties of fertilizers including the green manure accordingly, supply & install the high efficiency irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler), we do work with solar products such as solar water pumps, lightening, solar water heater, cooler and fan, in addition, we provide agriculture machinery such as seeder, planter, harvester, ditcher and tractor, on the other hand we do build greenhouses for those farmers who are interested in nurseries and off peak vegetables and install biogas plants for those who have sufficient amount of organic waste to generate electricity or gas as per the farmers demand or requirement.
Our methodology and approach to work is a bit different from other firms. We do the full need assessment, on irrigation projects, Prosperity group conduct the full survey including soil and water analysis, collect environmental data, find out the crop calendar, crop water requirement and then design, supply and install the system accordingly. After the project completion we provide one year operation & maintenance free of cost.
There are full warranty exist on all products which is from one to twenty five years.
PROSPERITYgroup has the experience of rehabilitation and construction of irrigation channels whether it is earthen improvement, or lining from stone masonry to brick lining or pre cast parabolic segments (PCPS).
Sole Distributor : PROSPERITYgroup is the sole distributor of JAIN Irrigation System Limited in Afghanistan which is the World’s leading Provider of Sustainable & Integrated Solutions for Water Management & Security , Energy & Food Security including Design, Planning , Manufacture ,Supply ,Installation ,Testing , Commissioning , Maintenance and Capacity Building for all types of Crops , Soils , Water and Climatic conditions.